PSA: Job Searching-The Never-Ending Search After Graduation

By Jordan Kizmann

After graduation, most students hope to be making a comfortable salary in a career of their choice or furthering their education through internships. After all, all the student loans and out of pocket money students spend on their degrees, they deserve a fulfilling career in their field. Especially one that will ensure financial stability to pay off those student loans.

Unfortunately, a college degree does not guarantee quick access to a successful career. Erik Legal, Spring 2013 graduate from Rutgers-Newark completed his college career with an English major and double minor in journalism and criminal justice. Legal currently has a job working for his uncles company during the week, however his search for a career in his field of interest hasn’t even gotten him an interview.

“[I’ve been looking for a job for] about a year, nothing really looked full time or it didn’t look like I was qualified for,” said Legal. He even expressed that he is holding off grad school because he cannot afford it at the moment. While Legal’s situation may concern many students reading this article, the Career Development Center is doing everything they can to ensure students are given job opportunities. Job Button

Assistant Dean Thomas J. Hopkins at the Career Development Center, informs us that employment for Rutgers students is expected to increase.

He tells us that according to employers surveyed by the National Association of College and Employers college hiring is expected to increase by 8.6% within this year. Also, about 43% of employers reported that they expect to hire more college graduates during the Fall 2014 recruiting session than they did in the fall 2013 recruiting session.

Assistant Dean Hopkins continued to stress the importance of students getting involved with the Career Development Center. He encourages students to attend career fairs and to network with companies to acquire internships and career opportunities.

He informs us that, “Statistically, students who are consistently involved in use of the varied services and the resources of the Rutgers-Newark Career Development Center including a recurring use of their on-line RaiderNet account increase their chances of success in securing an Internship while a student or an entry-level career opportunity at or within 6 months of completing their degree.”

Not only does he encourage online networking, but social networking is vital for students future career success as well. Unemployment is a serious concern for college graduates; however, consistent involvement with the Career Development center and company networking will help college graduates obtain careers.



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