Man Operating Cattle Ranch Treated Unfairly; Aided by Militia

By Jesse Shramenko


Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher, is said to owe millions of dollars to the Bureau of Land Management (B.L.M.). Bundy is said to owe money to the bureau for cattle grazing, trafficking, and ranching. Media-outlet FOX News calls Bundy’s debts to be paid; as ones to cover damages. All sides, are now geared towards conflict resolution, due to new found peace, except for many local and mainstream news-medias. Bundy has refused to pay the B.L.M. in the past, because he has never owed them anything.

Land-ownership is regulated by the State, in regards to what is owed, and taxes paid; which Bundy has been paying up to specification. The bureau has abused its only authority, permissibly-obtained; a court order giving the B.L.M. the right to, according to FOX, “…‘seize and impound’ Bundy’s cattle.”

Corey Houston, a friend of Bundy, witnessed more than seizing and impounding Bundy’s cattle by the B.L.M. FOX got documented opinions from Houston telling them that – “Nowhere in the court order does it say that they can destroy infrastructure, destroy corrals, tanks … destroy environment, shoot cattle”. The State-government of Utah has made it hard for Bundy to make payments, period, by not allowing him into the state. The move made on the part of Utah governor Gary Herbert was not in collusion with the B.L.M., it was on his own accord. According to FOX, “…Documents show the B.L.M. paid a Utah cattle wrangler $966,000 to collect Bundy’s cattle and a Utah auctioneer to sell them.”

Gov. Herbert refused to let Bundy cattle cross state lines, saying in a letter: “As Governor of Utah, I urgently request that a herd of cattle seized by the Bureau of Land Management from Mr. Cliven Bundy of Bunkerville, Nevada, not be sent to Utah. There are serious concerns about human safety and animal health and well-being, if these animals are shipped to and sold in Utah”. Herbert’s concerns are legitimate. The past actions of the B.L.M., particularly of making an unsafe environment and of shooting cattle, puts an impediment upon a reached solution, and is reconfirmed by Herbert’s concerns.

However, the B.L.M. has backed off in their efforts to seize Bundy’s ranch. According to media-outlet CBS, “[Congressman] Ron Paul is one of several officials predicting that the situation is likely far from over, warning that government agents ultimately returned to end the 1993 Waco standoff with deadly force”. Oftentimes, confrontation between a government organization and a cult consists of third-party activity that brings disruption, calamity, and stagnation. A third-party input is exactly what caused the violent end of the 1993 standoff between the Federal Bureau of Investigation (F.B.I.) and the Branch Davidian cult of Waco, Texas. The hostage rescue team acted on its own accord; killing members within the compound and burning the compound down-and-out. What happened in Waco is not the only case of a reality like this occurring, third-party involvement has also reaped much destruction in the 1978 and 1985 confrontations against the MOVE organization in Philadelphia, PA.

Several media outlets are trying to make something out of nothing against Bundy. The two main points they are trying to make against him are that the new-found peace will “embolden domestic terrorists” – and that Bundy has uttered racial epithets against Africans. What the media doesn’t convey is that no acts that constitute terror upon a population occurred on either side.

The media has often conveyed racist practices and insensitivity towards people, much music has exposed and testified to such. The most relevant would be deceased rapper, Guru who claimed “…with chemical warfare; they created crack, and AIDS; got the public thinking; these were things that, Black, folks made – and every time there’s violence shown in the media; usually it’s a, Black, thing; so where are they leading ‘ya? To a world full of ignorance, hatred, and prejudice; T.V. and the news; for years they’ve offended us; foolish notions; that Black are all criminals; violent low-life; and, then, even animals; I’m telling the truth; so some suckers; are; fearing me; but I must do my part to combat the conspiracy…”

The chosen set of bars within that song were chosen, in fact, because it also poses relevance to a reality that has rooted the adding of prejudice towards Africans, colonial domination, which Bundy inquired into and conveyed an example of. Bundy said many racial epithets that the media caught him saying; that has caused some of his supporters to abandon him, due to their knowledge of such. However, among the epithets, Bundy did ask a relevant question about something that media outlets, that are mostly mainstream, rarely cover. Bundy asked whether Africans were living better in the days of slavery or in the present day of “government subsidy.”

That is also a poor, racially-insinuating, and racist choice of words from him. In regards to what he’s asking and unemployment insurance, where government subsidies are given through, though it can be stingy, is oftentimes fair. However, the relevance posed for consideration of pure, solo, fact; is that more Africans in the United States of America are enslaved today, through making up a heavy prison population; because of the 13th amendment; than in 1850! The 13th amendment states — “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.” The last time I checked, if someone is forced to serve, or max, out a term of incarceration; it is because they have been convicted of an offense whether they are, in actuality, guilty or innocent; all it takes is a simple conviction and jail-sentence. The relevancy towards the possible need for unemployment insurance is, that; with the statistics in place; it can possibly, and unfortunately, be filed for by many Africans; as well as anyone of any other race too [everyones ancestry goes back to an African man; Adam.]

Employers have historically and so-openly discriminated against many folks who have applied for a job and have been convicted of a felony; or have served a prison term in general. Such a practice has been so common, viral, that in Newark, N.J., Philadelphia, P.A., and San Francisco, C.A., where many people of African ancestry exist, it is illegal for an employer to ask an applicant if they’ve been convicted of a felony; excluding a minor traffic violation; which, often, means and implies jail-time served. Law professor, Michelle Alexander’s novel The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Era of Colorblindness; she describes the practice of incarceration as an epidemic.

She documents in her novel that judges have cried due to having to sentence people to jail for drug offenses; that became a heavy practice during the, heavily-front based, “War on Drugs.” She also, in fact, documents instances of jobs being offered on Craigslist.

She also documents the reality that was imposed upon by former U.S.-president Bill Clinton, in which someone who was incarcerated was able to be ejected from the prospect of renting in a public housing complex. Another thing included in Clinton’s regard, also in the novel, is the particular reason the amount of people on welfare was lowered in the United States of America; while his presidency took place.

The question of whether life is better for, many, people of African descent now, than in the past, is one that’s been given serious thought, and input upon, by many. The realities faced by people are not being said to exalt Bundy from the fact that he, in fact, has said many racial epithets.

We’re all equal, if someone hits me; then I got hit; if someone hits former United States president George W. Bush, then he got hit; there’s no difference. That general truth is accentuated, in an implied way, and dismissed by Politicususa; in the particular article; and its title Lawbreaking Rancher Cliven Bundy Wins Victory That Will Embolden Domestic Terrorists. That’s because the article includes the, conflict-resolution based, reason to the new found peace between Bundy, the Wolverines, and the B.L.M.; that reason is “…to protect the safety of federal employees and members of the general public…”

On a, very, minor; yet relevant note, isn’t Cliven Bundy a member of the general public? In fact Bundy’s argument is based off of him following the law as a member of the general public; paying taxes on the land, up to today, to the State of Nevada, who legally gets, and is supposed to only get, the tax money!

Among deplorable conditions, and torturous realities, faced by prisoners; many considered terrorists, at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; it is now true in the United States that if someone, a member of the general public, is arrested and considered a terrorist, there does not have to be a trial for them; before that reality was official in the United States; it was common-knowledge that many on trial, on what were called terrorism charges, would win, and beat the cases!

The Bureau of Land Management’s attempts to create something out of nothing was done for the purpose of mapping out an agenda geared toward fracking; and the installation of solar-panels as a means of generating electricity. The Bureau of Land Management made clear that they wanted to use the land covering the ranching, for an energy project, implying fracking according the blog on Bundy’s behalf; “” The analysis then claimed that the B.L.M., removed that, particular, claim from its website. Though an implication the observation of possible interests had by, these, workers in the B.L.M., the notion, itself, is onto something that’s true; and backed up by facts conveyed by different media-outlets.

There are three articles on the website in which many comparisons are made between fracking in Nevada, and Bundy’s situation; others include factual information that imply vested interests on behalf, and towards the beneficence, of the B.L.M.

The first article reveals complicity between the United States and China in the effort to make farms that comprise solar energy; generating energy through solar panels installed; in terms of planning. The agreed-upon measures include selling land, for construction, “…for $4.5 million…;” involved the instrumentality of U.S.-Senator Harry Reid, and ENN Energy Group-position-leader Wang Yusou.

On the aforementioned media-outlet infowars revealed that, in fact, “…the [deleted] BLM document called ‘Cattle Trespass Impacts’ directly states that Bundy’s cattle ‘impacts’ solar development, more specifically the construction of ‘utility-scale solar power generation facilities’ on ‘public lands.’….” Other passages from that document, and other documents, more and more, include, along with the possibility of including, the land Bundy’s family has – according to Infowars; “…worked for over 140 years…”

Fracking involves deep drilling into the ground, for the purposes of getting oil; inevitably getting close to lava under the Earth. That does not help tortoises and in the past the B.L.M. has killed tortoises in mass due to budget constraints.

This is not a left-wing or right-wing, oriented battle, which is a stupid way of positioning people who are against something that is wrong. This is not about whether Bundy is a racist or not, this is not about tortoises either, this is not about repossession. Right now this is about conflict resolution and intended measures of trying not to hurt anybody.  This is about a man who legally owns and has paid for a large amount of land, has paid who he has supposed to pay for it even now and the B.L.M. is making huge attempts to acquire the land for whatever reason they wanted it; Bundy never owed them anything.

Many U.S. medias should not have in the past now or later attempted to enflame the situation in any way at all. Such a practice is irresponsible, inconsiderate, not humble, and immature. As has been said, only God can make something out of nothing.


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