Emotion Is Incredible

By Gustavo Palomino

As we grow older it seems that we feel less and less of it.  This happens for many reasons, but the most interesting one is because we train ourselves to stop feeling it.  Once we enter this absurd world, a lot of us decide that it is better to feel the least possible.  Some things just hurt too much, and once we feel them we never want to feel them again.  This causes us to try to silence our emotions, and if we can’t, we try to ignore them.  I couldn’t tell you how many times my “superiors” have told me that I have to put my emotions aside.  I am not saying you should act on what you feel, but you should pay close attention to what you feel.

Putting emotions aside is a moronic proposition.  Emotion is what makes life worth living.  Feeling good is something everyone cares about.  The best thing is to feel good.  Instead of ignoring your emotions, try paying attention to them.  See what you find out.  For example, when you get angry, analyze your anger.  Get to them bottom of it.  Pay attention to what it feels like and what crosses your mind.  This will help you understand yourself a little bit better.    

A good way to sort out your emotions is to meditate.  For a long time people told me to meditate, but I never took it seriously because I thought it was garbage.  About a month ago I decided to take it seriously because I was really frustrated and annoyed with the immense amount of crap that was piling up.  I have realized that it is a great way to deal with whatever is happening.  Just sit up straight, close your eyes and focus on your breathing for 15 minutes a day.  Give your undivided attention to your breathing.  As you do that, you will realize that feelings and thoughts come to mind that you just can’t shake off.  After you are done, think about why you feel so strongly about those things and decide what to do.  

You might figure out that you are taking the wrong path in life, or that you still feel some bitterness about something.  Sometimes you will realize that you are angry about something because you are overly sensitive to that something.  Once you look at what really bothers you clearly you can decide if you need to change your environment or adapt.  Also, once you get better at meditating you will realize that there is an inherent pleasure in simply not thinking about anything and just being there… in the moment.  It’s a healthy way to fully connect with the world.  

If you want to feel good you have to pay attention to and understand what makes you anxious, angry or sad.  Ignoring or silencing your feelings is stupid.  Face them and you will learn what you need to do to overcome what bothers you.  You don’t have to announce your emotions to the world, but don’t lie to yourself about them.  Feel them and address them.  Feel life.  It feels good.   


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