The Woes Of Semester-Specific Classes

By Jordan Kizmann

During class registration each semester, you may find that the classes offered the previous semester are not being offered now. This is a serious challenge to seniors who need certain classes that are only offered annually to graduate.

Waiting an extra year to fulfill a class requirement as a senior is in my opinion unacceptable. While I think in a campus as big as this, all classes should be offered each semester to ensure students graduate on time, this is not the case.

Rutgers’ reasoning behind this is that during the fall semester part one of the courses are offered. Then the second part of the course is offered in Spring semester. It is apparent that Rutgers does not have room on this campus to offer both parts of the course during both fall and spring semesters.

Unfortunately this is clearly a problem for some students and they should change the class schedules . I would like to believe that this campus is large enough to hold all classes to ensure that everyone graduates on time. Since classes seem to fill up relatively quickly on this campus it is a serious problem for seniors here at Rutgers-Newark.

I personally have struggled to find an open psychology or humanities class. This semester in particular I was unable to take a main psychology class in person and instead have to take it online. While I am only a sophomore, I can only imagine what a senior goes through when they can’t fulfill a requirement in time for graduation. I understand that this campus has its limits on space, however a lack of classes is unacceptable at a university.


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