Leave Venezuelan Diplomats Alone

By Jesse Shramenko

In 2002, after the United States attempted to pay people off to form a coup against popular at-time president Hugo Chavéz, it did not work. The people of Venezuela were so-staunchly in favor of Chavéz that indirect US-infiltration failed. Venezuela is recognized as an independent country, and it is.

The newly elected president Nicolas Maduro, expelled three US-diplomats from the country, accusing them of sowing discord among citizens toward the government of Venezuela. “…After….” such happened, according to The Washington Times, the United States expelled three Venezuelan diplomats. They, the three Venezuelan diplomats, were given 48 hours to leave the U.S.A.

The Venezuelan government has also, in the past, offered medical support for victims going through Hurricane Katrina at the time of its impact. The Venezuelan oil-company, Citgo, is also community-entwined, and has donated oil to poor families for heating purposes. It seems as if there is a contrast between political officials from Venezuela coming to the United States, and vice versa.

Venezuelan diplomats and an oil company from Venezuela offered to help the impoverished and have. Meanwhile, US-diplomats are accused of sowing discord amongst the people toward the Venezuelan government. Citgo has also supported protests and social justice movements within the United States, peacefully.

One of these three diplomats, expelled from the United States, includes Marcos Jose Garcia Figueredo, also known as “Marcos Garcia.” Garcia has considered the demands of, and has worked with, the African Socialist International, establishing comradery. The African Socialist International (ASI) is an organization that stands for the economic development for Africans, and oppressed people across the board.

The organization is headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, U.S.A. Bill Clinton’s administration, at the time of his presidency, gave the organization legitimate respect and recognizance after they won a, physical, battle against the St. Petersburg police department in 1996.

The African Socialist International also has a branch in abutting Colombia in which a friendly relationship exists, in terms of popular approval from folks in the region.  A sub-organization they have called the “International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement [InPDUM]” that started in Chicago, IL in 1991, has a Newark, NJ-chapter that was started in 2012.

The movement’s interim-President Waleah Brooks also runs the Newark, NJ branch, in particular. InPDUM has helped out many, from sheltering the homeless, to creating community-based organizations, and getting peoples’ charges dropped. Such includes but is not limited to “Eric Oliver,” of Bronson, Florida, U.S.A.; who was incarcerated for physically defending his friend that had been threatened by multiple males; and succeeding; InPDUM was instrumental in winning Oliver’s freedom.

The, current, mayor of St. Petersburg holds the ASI in a, relatively, respectable regard; though the organization [ASI] has criticized his practices. The ideology of the ASI is a combination of ideas espoused by Marcus Garvey, Karl Marx, and the organization’s chairman, Omali Yeshitela.

Starting in 1972, the organization picked up the progress being made by the will of Africans and oppressed together, for better conditions economically and politically. Such was at a time when the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense was facing heavy attack and division as well as dealing with false witness from Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (F.B.I.’s)-Counter-Intelligence-Program (COINTELPRO.)  Yeshitela and Huey P. Newton, the founder of the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, in Oakland, California, were friends.

Out of all people the Obama administration decides to kick out, in terms of diplomacy, Garcia, is one of them. That statement is more of a question than a statement. Garcia, who considers, and allies himself with people, trying to help people, is one of them?

Garcia’s support for the demands of the African Socialist International is blessed. “Uhurunews.com The Burning Spear Newspaper Online” claims that “…The Party’s relationship with Comrade Marcos, as a representative of his government, represented another example of the Party’s efforts to internationalize the struggle of African people colonized inside the U.S. and throughout the world.  The only diplomacy the U.S. has ever practiced throughout its existence is gunboat diplomacy….”

Now the U.S. has kicked out someone who could have been a factor in practicing actual diplomacy, and helping of a genuine struggle, which Garcia-Figueredo is and was employed to do; from the start.

Garcia also is knowledgeable, and promoting, of a school in Cuba, called “the Latin American School of Medicine” in which education is free. The school itself has many students from the United States. Somehow, the school has been viewed as one that has “terrorists” attending.

Free education has always been cited as a positive in socialist countries. Education is not always free, it depends on what country you’re from. Garcia advertised the things done at the Latin American School of Medicine. Therefore, let’s put this into perspective, I could have only enough money to take a plane to Venezuela. If I knew someone I could stay with, or not, and if I were to be at the Uhuru House watching the presentation, I have someone I can talk to, who could be the basis of a shoe-in to get free medical school.

If I had enough airline pilots, or knew an airplane pilot, to get a free ride to Venezuela; then I can learn to be a, qualified, doctor if I wanted to, completely for free! That being said, dialysis treatment in Venezuela would be the equivalent to $30.00 U.S.-dollars. Venezuela is known, however, to need working in regard to their health care. In 2006, four years into Chavéz’s presidency, the “Global Corruption Report 2006” noted that  “…doctors were absent from work about 37 percent of time while absenteeism in Colombia’s public hospitals under the new system 6 percent of doctors’ time…”

To review, all of such information conveys a Venezuelan-diplomat, who supports a genuine and just struggle, talks about and offers free education into a high-paying position got kicked out of the United States, in the month of February.

Uhurnews.com also added that “…no reason was given for the expulsions…” The online newspaper goes on to explain that the U.S. is “…claiming the Vienna Convention on Democratic Relations gives them that right…” regarding the Obama administration’s expulsions of the three Venezuelan-diplomats: Garcia-Figueredo has not supported sowing discord among taking over the U.S., he is simply doing his job as a diplomat and being receptive to folks who want economic development.

In the past, the ASI has burnt down a police station in St. Petersburg, Florida, in response to the allowed police-murder of unarmed, 17-year old, TyRon Lewis. The 1996 rebellions mainly composed of the organization and surrounding community defended themselves from a police green-team, S.W.A.T.-team, and military-style attack on their headquarters in the form of a plane and police helicopter; it’s been done on the basis of self-defense.

On the other hand, the expulsion of U.S.-diplomats from Venezuela is on the accusation of “…conspiring against his [Nicolas Maduro’s] government…” Though the Patriot Act overrides the 2nd amendment, in which violent overthrow of the government is, technically, legal in the United States of America; self-defense, or injustice, is not the specific issue being addressed by Venezuelan-government.

Attempted conspiracy against the Venezuelan government is never overlooked or taken lightly, but has been responded to lightly by just telling U.S. diplomats to “get out.” Therefore, a double standard is taking place, along with technical apples and oranges being compared in the regard, however, no discussions on the matter are taking place, which may cause future and unnecessary calamities.

U.S. diplomats should not conspire with, who, the Venezuelan government has claimed to have “…caused violence in recent days.” A better solution is hearing out the demands so that a compromise can be reached; as has been done by Garcia-Figueredo in the United States, regarding the African Socialist International.




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