Eslam Abdelbasset Elected New SGA Prez; SGA Gets Back Down to Business

By Scott Nisley

At the end of an election shrouded in controversy, it was Eslam Abdelbasset who walked away the victor, earning the coveted seat as president of Rutgers-Newark’s Student Government Association.

Abdelbasset’s term begins with the coming of the fall semester, at which point he will be implementing changes—some of the same matters of policy he spoke of during his campaign. He plans to get an early start.

“I want to establish connections with the deans, with the chancellors, with the administration overall, so we can build a connection over the summer,” Abdelbasset said. “That way when the fall comes we already have the connection, which is established for us to push what we have to push through.”

At a meeting Monday, Divij Pandya, the current SGA President discussed the phases his organization would have to undergo, so that the organization could thrive under the new leadership, as well as with the addition of SGA’s new senators.

“We really need to start transitioning from our older senators to our newer senators to make sure that what we’ve been working towards this year continues,” Pandya said. “We’ve put a lot of effort into this organization this year. Now you guys can take what we’ve built and hit the ground running.”

Pandya emphasized the need for stronger communication between various members of the organization, noting the potentially negative consequences that could result otherwise.

“From day one, our biggest flaw has been communication,” Pandya said. “Nobody responds to messages. Nobody responds to text messages, so we switched to calling. It’s kind of sad that we have to take time out of a meeting to do this. And I hope this doesn’t delay you guys next year. Because it’s stuff like that will destroy the organization in a heartbeat—if people aren’t responding to things. It’s unfair to your constituents.”

Assuming that Abdelbasset is prepared to grasp the reigns and guide student government into the fall semester with the level of commitment Pandya has boasted, the SGA will trail blaze a new path, under new leadership, and with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for the long road ahead.

In his own words, Abdelbasset plans to create “More unity on campus, more organizations, and more working together.”


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