High Marks For Mocha Town

By Tony Zheng

Rutgers-Newark is located in a pretty bland area. There aren’t many good places to eat, let alone hang out near Rutgers Newark. However, recently a new coffee shop has opened up near the heart of our campus called Mocha Town. Mocha Town is located under University Square dormitory right next to EZmart and Sbarros pizza.

When you first walk into Mocha Town you can feel a very warm and cozy atmosphere, the lighting and color of the place makes it a nice place to spend time having lunch or having a cup of coffee at.

When I went there the two workers that were there were very nice and seemed playful, however a friend of mine told me that when he went there he met a worker who didn’t seem to have a great day.

The menu at Mocha Town is not a massive menu, in fact the selection of food is quite limiting in comparison to other coffee shops such as Starbucks. Most of the prices are similar to the prices in Starbucks so I would not say that this place is exactly cheap. The price of a cup of Coffee is $1.99 for a small, $2.19 for a medium and $2.49 for a large,  which I would say is not too expensive nor very cheap. I ordered a medium sized coffee and I can tell you that it is nothing to brag about. The coffee here is not too different than coffee at Starbucks.

After having some of their coffee I felt a little hungry so I decided to order a sandwich. I ended up choosing the Kansas City Roast Beef. It was a combo meal that came with chips and a can of soda for $6.49. Overall the sandwich was delicious, I liked how it was on a croissant, however the sauce was a bit over powering. In addition they did not have a wide selection of chips.

Mocha Town in general is a good place to go to, and I definitely recommend that people should come try this place out since it is probably one of the best places to go around our campus!

Quality ***/*****

Price ***/*****

Friendliness ****/*****

Atmosphere ****/*****

Presentation **/*****



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