Breaking the Barrier: Non-Target Business Schools Getting Investment Banking Opportunities

By Benjamin Lioue

On March 25, 2014, Rutgers Finance Society, R-N ALPFA, along with Rutgers Business School professors welcomed two individuals for their “Investment Banking Workshop” that had an audience of 40+ students ranging from freshmen to seniors. This workshop was geared toward students interested in investment banking.

The moderator for the event was John George, Director of Professional Development of Rutgers Finance Society, warmly introduced both outstanding candidates to the front to talk about themselves and the techniques they used to get into Investment Banking.

The first of two candidates was Gabriela Redhead, a current sophomore at Seton Hall University studying Finance. Her story was all about her passion and her enthusiasm into starting an ALPFA Chapter at Seton Hall. She explained how she was the only one at her school to go to the ALPFA National Convention.

From this convention, she was able to meet a top executive from J.P. Morgan and was able to strike up a conversation based on his English accent, which led to her elevator pitch, a resume submission to the executive, followed by an interview, and then an internship opportunity at J.P. Morgan in Corporate and Investment Banking.

Redhead attributes her success to networking.  She believes that “asking who’s here and know exactly who to talk to, and utilizing the pitch as your number one tool.” Redhead continued by stating “networking is about generating value for both individuals.”

The ice is broken when you sound motivated, mutually connected, and enthusiastic.

“Executives love to talk about themselves, so do not focus on what you want,” Redhead says, “that is how you pay it forward.”

The second candidate was Jacob George, who currently is working at Blitzer, Clancy & Company, who graduated from Seton Hall in the winter of 2013, with a B.S. in finance. What made George stand out was his extensive experience with engineering. He went to a magnet high school which specializes in mathematics and engineering, and also started working part time to create software.

This extensive experience led him to see finance as well as investment banking as the path he wanted to take his career. It was through “cold calling” from every investment institute that led him to one or two interviews when he applied to Blitzer, Clancy, & Company.  George contacted them three times, and on the third try finally was asked to come in to meet with the president of the company. He asked George what he was doing here and the president explained that he looked over his resume three times and there was nothing he could find wrong with his resume, and the rest is history.

George attributes his success to the passion and dedication he put into getting into the investment banking industry. What George was able to do is leverage his experience as an engineer for six years to help him land the opportunity at Blitzer, Clancy & Company.  He not only leveraged his experience but also the dedication of cold calling investment banking companies and doing everything in his power to get where he wanted to go. George says “it is all about building relationships”.

The Rutgers Finance Society plans to continue to host more events like this one to encourage students to explore the opportunities within finance, to gain insight from those who are in the business, and learn more about the financial sector.




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