Yankee Captain Confirms That This Upcoming Season Will Be His Last


By Cameron Docherty

The time has finally come for Derek Jeter also known as “Captain Clutch”, “Mr. November”, who will retire after fourteen seasons; the 2014 MLB season announced to be his last.

New York Yankees fans weren’t the only ones who were hurt by the inevitable realization that at the age of 39, the living baseball legend feels he has one last season in the tank. The retirement letter written via-Facebook of the hall of fame bound Jeter is a tremendous loss to the entire sport.

His reputation is built on being a consummate professional. Unlike other top athletes, Jeter has managed to keep himself out of the spotlight for any reason other than his baseball. Jeter has other passions other than baseball and fancies himself as a bit of a philanthropist, creating his own charity organization in 1996 called Turn 2 Foundation.

Jeter is a New York sports hero (sorry Mets). There currently exists an entire generation of New York Yankees fans which have known none other than number two at shortstop. Jeter spearheaded the Yankees dynasty of the late 90’s and early 00’s and has long since established himself as the face of the most successful franchise in MLB history.

Jeter’s career is lives in glory by those five World Series championships he was able to the lead the Yankees to. Along the way Jeter was able to collect 13 All-Star team selections and is the Yankees all time leader in hits, games played, stolen bases, and at bats.

So, with all of this in mind, remember to savor this final opportunity to see a legend work his craft in his last season. Derek Jeter will be 40 by the time the air cools and the games start. His heroics in those important games are what makes him so great. You don’t just get called captain clutch for nothing, especially in New York City.

The Yankees have made some strong moves this offseason, bringing in Jacoby Ellsbury from Boston, and highly touted Japanese pitcher Masahiro Tanaka. Even with losing Robinson Cano to Seattle and Alex Rodriguez to suspension, the Yankees will put out a formidable line-up in 2014. Whether or not they can get one last championship to top off Derek Jeter’s glittering career, if history is any indication Jeter will go out on top.


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