Why I Hate Trailers

By Matthew Cole

I dislike trailers because they, not always but most of the time ruin the movie for me. Revealing the best scenes that have been shot so far to tease audiences into purchasing tickets. This model is terrible; specifically for avid moviegoers like myself.

We get sucked into watching poor to average movies in this way and then ultimately good movies are ruined. Take for example the Hangover Trilogy, thanks to over revealing trailers people got an unrealistic expectations – especially in the third installment – of what they were going to see. Although, to be fair if you went to that movie (The Hangover Part III) and didn’t know what you were going to see there’s not much hope for you as a film critic. However, if you were going to see it for giggles and diluted humor then by all means watch all the trailers on the internet right now.

Though as I try to avoid the trailers; occasionally, as I traverse the internet sometimes either the temptation is too great or I get caught off guard and get sucked into watching. As of late, say the last month or so they haven’t been as revealing showing just intro scenes or using vague shots so that the viewer can’t possibly decipher what is happening. Which is a much better model than showing the best scenes of the beginning, middle and end. Then ending up sitting at your computer or in the movie theater instantly becoming a critic on a three minute trailer for a likely to be hour and a half movie.

Guardians of the Galaxy is a movie that comes to mind when I think about a movie trailer. That being the most recent one that I have seen and me being a huge Marvel fan (seeing every movie the first showing possible) that trailer was my guilty pleasure and my excitement for that movie can’t be tamed. But I pray to Stan Lee that they didn’t show the best scenes during said trailer – my favorite scene in any of the Marvel movies is the Stan Lee cameo.

A movie that I have not watched the trailer for yet and not been spoiled on is “Captain America the Winter Soldier” and with a few weeks to go before it gets released I’m crossing my fingers that I can get there.


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