R-N SGA Urges More Students To Attend On Campus Events

By Chinwe Onuoha

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Rutgers University in Newark organized an open mic event in the Dance Theatre for all Rutgers-Newark students. But, the turn out wasn’t as they expected due to inadequate advertising.

The New Student Senators of SGA, Kerin Sajjad and Rahimah Faiq, conducted this event in the pursuit of encouraging freshmen and transfer students to get involved on campus.

“I want more freshmen and transfer students to be able to enjoy themselves and meet other people,” Sajjad said.

“We also want Rutgers-Newark students to be involved in SGA, so that we can try to resolve some of the issues that exist on campus together,” she added.

On the evening of Mar. 4, 2014, the doors of Rutgers-Newark’s Dance Theatre were open for everyone. The theatre was decorated with colorful balloons and red streamers. There was also a wide array of food options that were free of charge to all students, such as Subway sandwiches, cookies, pizza from Robert’s Pizzeria, and coffee from Mocha Town. In addition, students sung karaoke, played instruments, and performed their own original songs.

“I liked the environment and I appreciated the fact that students weren’t afraid to be themselves,” said 19-year-old, Political Science major, Eella Joshua.

“I used this event to practice for the open mic auditions that are coming up. I have terrible stage fright,” admitted Joshua.

However there were a couple of Rutgers-Newark students who wished more students attended the open mic event.

“It was fun, but I wish there were more people here,” said 18-year-old Kwame Ampadu.

In an effort to increase the attendance rate for future SGA events, Faiq offered a possible solution.

“I will make sure to work on advertising our events better so that it’ll gain the attention of more students on campus,” she said.


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