Career Development Center: Rutgers-Newark’s Connection To The World

By Benjamin Lioue

The Career Development Center, or CDC, is a campus resource that helps students to prepare for their post -college lives by helping them fix their resumes, cover letters, and just overall career advice and help. On March 5, the CDC hosted an event called “Student to Professional: Internship and Job Search Tips for Students,”  which featured a panel that talked to students about the struggles of finding an internship and launching a career. The panel consisted of Dana Bochna, Kendra Clarke, Rachel Kenselaar, Donovan Linder and Daniel Rosario. Each individual brought a different insight from their personal career paths, allowing the students the opportunity to ask questions and really seek advice on internships, career choices, and the real world.

An important skill that the panel told the students gathered about was  taking advantage of the networking opportunity at your internship.

“Do informal interviews with people at the firm you are working, I regret not doing so and get to know people,” Bochna told the students gathered,.

Making the most of your internship was one of the topics stressed by the panel.

“Try different things, and to not constrict yourself for an internship from another major, what is my skill set, how can I apply that too my field,” said Kenselaar.

The panel also stressed the importance of not only have a specialized skill set but also a very broad skill set like market or sales experiences in order to be more well rounded. The also talked about rejection and how to mold that negative into a positive that you can build on for the future

“Rejection is hard, take it as a learning experience,” said Linder.

Wadnes Castelly, a junior at Rutgers Business School studying marketing, enjoyed the informative session, saying that it was “a great event, and provided an insight of network and gaining an internship.”


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