WRNU’s Queens Of The Know

By Jordan Kizmann

WRNU’s newest radio show, Queens of the Know, is a perfect blend of pop-culture, music, and insightful discussion topics. The hosts, sophmores Shereea Gaskin, political science major and Joanna Dalmacy, marketing major, sought radio not only to appeal to Rutgers students through pop-culture, but also to encourage self- empowerment to their fellow listeners.

The show’s segments include “Heard it Through the Grapevine,” which is a witty and informational segment on the latest celebrity gossip. Mon., Feb. 24 show discussed celebrity pop culture that is currently stirred up on the news and online. They acknowledged Jason Collins being the first openly gay basketball player in the NBA, as well as, popular rapper, The Game, being seen with Khloe Kardashian.

Gaskin and Dalmacy also include a segment called “The Come Up”, where they feature people who are musicians around campus. Most recent musician, Shane Fuller, was featured in during the segment Fri., Jan. 21. Hosts of Queens of the Know encourage students to contact them on twitter and instagram @queensoftheknow to be featured on “The Come Up”.

Another segment in their show, “Crowned Come-Ups,” informs listeners of artists, movies and other stars topics that are re-appearing in pop-culture. Mon., Feb. 24 show, addressed the sequel to ATL that came out in 2006 starring rapper T.I. and Laura London. They also announced Lil Wayne’s new album “The Carter V” that will be released in May of 2014.

The duo engages with their audience fully throughout their show. Gaskin continued to encourage their listeners to tweet them at @queensoftheknow or to call them for Topic of the Night. Monday’s topic was concerning interracial dating and listeners called in to express their interracial dating opinions. Gaskin’s and Dalmacy’s Topic of the Night segment is clever and allows for listeners to express their opinions and engage in the conversation. The hosts’ topics are intelligent and interesting for their listeners, making their Queens of the Know radio show worth tuning into.

Queens of the Know not only discuss pop-culture, but also help the Newark community in a charitable way. The girls draw attention to a charitable site called “Fund-Me,” where they are encouraging listeners to donate money toward David, a Newark resident who was a victim of gun violence and is currently placed at UMDNJ in a coma. The show is asking for listeners to donate into his fund to pay for his $60,000 surgery. By Fri., Jan. 21, they raised $3,000 and Gaskin informs us that the fund is growing rapidly.

Not only are the girls helping out the community, they are also helping their listeners. Queens of the Know encourages self –empowerment and self-love to their listeners. They seek to inspire listeners to acknowledge and go after whatever they want to accomplish in life.

Host Gaskin stated, “ We call ourselves Queens because we feel like everyone should hold themselves to a high standard no matter what you’re trying to do”.

WRNU’s Queens of the Know not only informs Rutgers students of pop-culture, but also encourages self- empowerment and supports community up-lift. Their positive outlook on the self and becoming the best version of yourself is a popular concept that needs to be spread around campus. The show is a clever and engaging radio show and is a wonderful addition to WRNU.

To listen to WRNU’s Queens of the Know, tune in to the interactive radio show at WRNU, Mondays 5:30-7:00 and Fridays 7:30-9:00.


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