R U Bored?

By Jordan Kizmann

Empty hallways, a deserted campus center, and quiet suites are what you will find on the weekends here at Rutgers-Newark. I always expected my time at college to be filled with not only school work but also with a busy social life. However, this is not the case.

This campus on the weekends can be described as a ghost town. Without student body based events on the weekends, students living on campus often go home Friday to Sunday, leaving the campus empty and unexciting. Weekend events for the entire student body are something that Rutgers-Newark is severely lacking. However, the only ones we have to blame for this problem is ourselves, the students, who have chosen not to interact on weekends.

While the suites on this campus are a luxury compared to most college dorms, the social aspect of this campus is a disappointment. Suite style living may even contribute to this lack of socialization.

My step-mother, who is an engineer at Rutgers-New Brunswick, talked to me about the on-going debate about whether to add more dormitories or more suites on the New-Brunswick campus. Her co-worker’s argument was that students who live in suites are often less sociable than those who live in regular two person dormitories.

The dorms, which are composed of just one single room for two people, force students to leave their rooms and develop healthy social lives. The suites, on the other hand, which includes a separate common area and bathroom, give students no reason to leave the comfort of their room. My step-mother argues that the suites allow for more privacy for studying; however, studying is not the only reason people decide to live on campus.

Rutgers-Newark students who live in suites need to make a better effort to socialize outside of our suites. Social life on campus is a vital aspect to the college experience that unfortunately Rutgers-Newark students are missing out on on the weekends.

I am not the only student living on campus who would find themselves bored on the weekends and sometimes wanting to take a train home. Talbot resident, Derrick Mayaka, a Sophomore and nursing major admitted that, “Students go home on the weekends because unlike New Brunswick, there are no events that entertain students or their friends, they go home so they also feel obliged to do the same.”

The New Brunswick campus provides numerous events for students, to encourage social interaction and school spirit. New Brunswick has the luxury of enjoying division-one football games and weekend events such as Rutgers Day. Intramural sports are also offered along with a wide variety of clubs and activities. If Rutgers-Newark provided fun activities on the weekends for the entire student body, students would be more excited to stay on campus and create meaningful social lives. The purpose of this article is not to demean the importance of academics here at Rutgers-Newark but instead to emphasize a need for social interaction on the weekends. College is supposed to be a time for academic learning as well as social learning. Unfortunately, the social experience at this school is less than desirable.

If you’re reading this article and beginning to lose hope in the campus life here at Rutgers, don’t. There is a solution to this issue, but everyone needs to be involved. The Rutgers-Newark student body needs to come together to create our own weekend events. However, this will only be successful if a majority of us living on campus stay on the weekends to socialize. It is our jobs as students to create a fun and exciting campus where students can expand socially.

We can have our own Rutgers Day here in Newark where we show off just how intelligent and well rounded we are as students. We can have outdoor movie nights and host fund-raisers. We can step aside from the normal frat parties we go to and create our own events. We can make the thousands of dollars we spend to live on campus really worth our while.

We, as a student body, need to improve social life on campus and raise school spirit so that we can be proud to call ourselves Scarlet Raiders.



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  1. Sean adams says:

    Great article!! ill start reading this paper now

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