Marijuana To Be Legalized In New Jersey?

By Daniel Jamroz

As far as the process of marijuana legalization in New Jersey goes, president Stephen Sweeney of the State Senate is fully supportive of legalizing medicinal marijuana for recreational usage. Sweeney however does not view this topic as a first priority for bettering New Jersey.

Although Chris Christie has publicly stated that he would not support any plans to decriminalize the substance, Sweeney ensures that more steps on the process of legalization will occur once a new governor is elected. Another four years will be needed to encompass perhaps a new governor or a change of heart on the controversial topic.

Consequently, a poll ran in New Jersey showed that residents are more favorable to recreational marijuana use as opposed to online gambling. The poll found that 41% of respondents would support the recreational usage of marijuana if legalized while 32% of respondents supported online gambling, which is already legalized in New Jersey.

Appropriately, Rutgers students have been questioned about their say on marijuana legalization in New Jersey.

“At least you won’t get arrested for making your own choice in what you put into your body. But mainly, the hemp industry will take off and create many new jobs and give America back some manufacturing jobs, which are much needed,” said Alexander, a 23 year old student in his last year of education at Rutgers University.

Law enforcement won’t have to spend tax dollars to support inmates who are in prison for marijuana related non-violent crimes. It’s definitely a positive thing, not just for ‘stoners‘. Also, as a reference I can point out that when Portugal legalized every narcotic. Drug addictions dropped by 50% so it’s not directly proportional.

“People are going to do what they want regardless of its legality, so I think it’s better if taxes don’t go to waste. Just my opinion however.” Christian, a 22 year old student in his junior year of education explained, “Marijuana is a depressant so therefore it makes you less motivated to do anything meaningful, at least if you’re on a full high. If you smoke one or two blunts a day and do something meaningful with your life then good for you, but if you take more than that and do nothing (which you will feel like doing), then it’s just holding yourself back,” he said.

Lastly, Danielle, a 21-year-old student said, “if they legalize marijuana in New Jersey what will it really change? People are still going be sitting on their asses, eating Dunkin Donuts and complaining about how bored they are all the time.”

In the Senate and in the community, the same debates are met. Will legalization of marijuana make a huge change in New Jersey for the better? Will the change cause more trouble than good to the state? New Jersey residents will have to wait four years to know the outcome.


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One Response to Marijuana To Be Legalized In New Jersey?

  1. len says:

    Idiots and old men, still under the influence of a controlling government, who lies and says weed is bad. If every one really knew and under stood why it was illeagle you would under stand it should have never been illeagle. It was made illeagle in the 30s, first off mostly jazz musicans smoked it back then, well guess what, jazz musicans were mostly black, and your not goning to believe this but the government was mostly white. This might come as a shock but in the 30s are cou try was very raist and they decided that if they made it illeagle they could arrest more blacks and keep their evil music away…. and no im not black. That is the truth on why it was out lawed. THE SAME BRILLIANT PEOPLE WHO WERE WARNED ABOUT PEARL HARBOR ONE WEEK BEFORE IT HAPPEND AND DIDNT LISTIN are the same morons who made a plant illeagle for no other reason then the color of some ones skin or in other words to censor the people fro the evil music..
    Now the reason it is still illeagle today is because what would happen is pharmaceutical compans would lose money alot of money. They make drugs that are terrible for people for example adhd medicine like concerta and others is the same active ingredient as meth.!!!! Pain killers are herion, xanax…… and all thats leagle and weed isnt. Time to read between the lines and wake up george Washington grew marijuana, and at one point it was a law for all farmers to grow it for ww1.

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