A Rutgers-Newark Perspective

By Matthew Cole

So this weekend, I went to visit my girlfriend after work. She works at Starbucks and after saying hi and getting some free coffee I sat down with two of her friends: one of which was a Ramapo student and the other, a Rutgers-New Brunswick student.

I asked her what she thought about her college experience at Rutgers-NB and not surprisingly, she had some of the same concerns that Rutgers-Newark students had, except for the main point she made, which was about how little her teachers cared about her education. Unlike her friend, I have yet to have a problem like that at Rutgers-Newark.

My experience here with the Rutgers students and faculty has been positive, to say the least.

Allan Wolper senior professor in the Journalism Program and the voice of WBGO’s, “Conversations with Allan Wolper,” continually and for the last hundred years or since the the first written amendment has fought for the life blood of this paper, yet students here aren’t beating down doors asking why our tuition going up and not accepting it. Though, that is the same problem NB, Ramapo and most colleges around America have, not just Rutgers-Newark.

Robin Fisher, the director of the journalism department and adviser of the Scarlet magazine, fell during the winter blizzard, knocking out her two front teeth.  Even during surgeries to replace them, she still showed up Monday morning for her lecture.

We shouldn’t feel like we are second class citizens in comparison to the other Rutgers campuses. Come on guys, we’re freaking Rutgers!


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The official student newspaper of Rutgers-Newark.
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